10 days and counting…

In just over 160 days the London Olympics will start.

There will be massive global attention on the capital and the city will be the most mentioned place on earth.

What a waste.

I’ve nothing against London, but I do think there are better places to be this summer.

The purpose of this blog will be to show every day in the countdown to the Games that England has plenty of amazing places to visit. My list won’t be perfect. It will be personal. But hopefully it will show people that England doesn’t just equal London.

So my Olympic challenge is to add a new place every day for 150 days and do each place justice in 32 words. 20 + 12.

That’s about a quarter of this post.

No pressure then.

I’m off to spend the next 10 days in intensive training.

2 thoughts on “10 days and counting…

    1. Thanks for the suggestion Debi, Suffolk is gorgeous and I have a few ideas for places to mention but feel free to contribute any specific gems and I’ll have a look at them.

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