One week left…

I found out today that, wait for it, the organisers of the Olympic Torch Relay are hoping to generate four to five NATIONAL news stories A DAY, for 70 days.

The maths on that means 350 national news stories from May onwards, not to mention their aim to generate two global interest stories a week.

That means London will be in the news from March when the Torch Bearers are announced and every day from May when the Torch Relay starts. Ok, the Torch is touring the regions but it’s still London’s Torch.

Is it just me, because I am writing this blog, or does the thought of three months of nothing but London 2012 in the news nationally and internationally bore and exhaust you before the Games even begin, which is supposed to be the exciting part.

The moment has come to take action. I might only be recommending one place a day but at least it redresses the balance a bit.

So join my alternative anti-capitalist movement, continue to make recommendations, and we can make sure London isn’t the only place in the news this summer.

Anyone for good old Southend on Sea instead?

3 thoughts on “One week left…

  1. Yesss, southend on sea!! Did you know that before brighton became what it is (don’t quote me on this and i have no idea of timescales) but it was the first London On Sea, a title which Brighton then stole *angry eyes*

    We have the longest pleasure pier in the world…the yummiest ice cream parlour ever, Rossi’s which looks exactly the same as it would have done in the 1960s welcoming coach loads of east end factory workers on their beanos! We also have Leigh on Sea (lush, needs no explanation) and the Kursaal, one of the country’s first theme parks! So yes, we need to be on your list please! 🙂

    1. Hi Mrs P, thanks for the suggestions. Rossi’s sounds really interesting. I’d love to know more. I’m trying to get a mix of places to visit but also places to eat and stay. Have they still got the cockle sheds in Leigh too?

    2. Hello Mrs P, can you send me more details about Rossi’s I’m intrigued. I’d need some really lovely photos to go with it but I fancy a trip!

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