6 days to go…

Welcome to the nerve centre!

Essential ingredients include a box of files (research), a good pen (very important, bad nibs ruin good writing) a favourite mug (thanks Gaz) and a creaky old laptop.

The wife is out with friends, our baby is sleeping in bed (for now) and so I have some important quiet time to read up and write down the places I think people should see when they visit England.

Suffolk and Essex received some vocal support overnight – rest assured they are already in the list. Dorset, Sussex and Cornwall have already made contact just like Yorkshire and Kent. It’s great that people are getting onboard and suggesting places, keep them coming.

I’ve written five ‘anywheres’ and can’t wait to post the first of them when the 150 day marker comes around. I’ve also had some really nice conversations with photographers about using their work on anywherebutlondon.com, which they have kindly agreed to allow me to do, so that’s even better. Great photography will really help.

And I’m very excited about an offer someone has made in New York. If it comes off I’ll be sure to write all about it, it could be the start of something really fun.

Five out of 150 seems a little insignificant given the size of the task, but it’s really given me a taste of how I want to write the entries and I don’t want to get too far ahead of myself in case I start to miss places. So there is definitely still time to put your place on the map, the quirkier or less obvious the better.

Now back to that cup of tea. I could do with a top up, writing is thirsty work.

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