4 days to go…and another twist

You don’t need to be a bear to enjoy views like this every morning.

This is on an unbelievably exciting site called The Bivouac in North Yorkshire. A rustic, recycled and reimagined way of getting back to nature with so little impact on your surroundings you’ll feel positively glowing about your eco-credentials. It’s taken the toilet blocks in the woods idea of Center Parcs and transformed it into a credible forest holiday that feels like you have stumbled across something really unique. The kind of place you want to keep secret but you’re so excited about you want to tell people too. Hence this post.

anywherebutlondon started as an idea to encourage visitors to catapult out of the capital and discover England’s other great places.

I’ve realised those great places can also be where we have eaten and where we have slept. So lets broaden the horizon a little further, there’s still time after all. I’ve got four days left to plan and five anywheres already written. We’ve got see, added salivate last night, so lets add sleep to the list too.

Yorkshire is obviously a specialist subject, so I’d be keen to keep getting those personal recommendations. There’s no higher compliment for a place than someone wanting to share its brilliance.

It doesn’t need to have views bears would approve of, it just needs to have something that would make you head back on your next free weekend.






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