1 day to go…NYC wakes up to the news

It was a normal lunchtime in New York City today until this happened.

Huge thanks to Steve for braving the crowds with his homemade sign to spread the word in Times Square. He even posed for some tourist photos as this shot was being taken and has his eye on some taxi drivers before his time is up out there. ‘Anywhere Ambassadors’ are welcome around the world, but this is great first photo.

anywherebutlondon has landed in the US and now the time has come to show the rest of the world what we are talking about.

Tomorrow marks 150 days to the start of the Olympics and so, with some trepidation, tomorrow is when this site starts for real, especially for me.

150 other places to see rather than London described in just 32 words (20+12).

Over the next five months I will post a recommendation every day until the day of the opening ceremony when my Olympic challenge will come to an end.

I hope you enjoy my alternative anti-capitalist campaign and continue to get involved.

Now…to bed. The days of training are over. One more night and then we’re off, for real. Thanks for the encouragement from New York and elsewhere around the UK and world.

Who knows, we might just make 2012 all about anywherebutlondon.com, imagine that…













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