143: Lynton and Lynmouth, Devon

photo (c) Sarunas Mikalauskas

Lynton and Lynmouth

Follow your nose to the mouth

and let your legs

spiral south.

Down and back out.


a perfect pasty

lays sunbaked

on the bank

with dreams

made of clotted cream teas.


3 thoughts on “143: Lynton and Lynmouth, Devon

  1. Me and Ian have been to Lynton and Lynmouth and LOVE it! My friend saw photos and couldn’t believe it was in the UK, but where else would you get lush greenery and seafronts other than Devon! We stood right at the front on the water powered cliff lift!

  2. So glad to see you’ve included the twin villages of Lynton and Lynmouth. We moved away from the ‘smoke’ in 2008 to come here and can’t imagine going anywhere else ever again. We tell people we’re on holiday every day!

    Mrs P is right, “where else would you get luch greenery and seafronts other than Devon”. We love it

    1. Thanks Carolyn, Lynton and Lynmouth are just gorgeous and well worth seeking out, I know why you feel as if you’re enjoying a holiday everyday, very jealous!

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