Me and My Celebrity Friends

Stephen Fry in advert action

It’s not often you can say you upstaged Julie Walters or Stephen Fry but I did reach round and give myself a small pat on the back today as I saw them in an expensively shot, multi-million pound television advert proclaiming the positives behind leaving our passports behind this year.

Nice work, but, well, we got there first and so far anywherebutlondon has been free, the only cost has my time writing and researching and that doesn’t bother me in the slightest.

Coincidentally, I contacted @stephenfry yesterday to see if he would recommend me a place in Norfolk – his home county – as I had already covered Suffolk (see Aldeburgh post). He has yet to reply. I really hope he does as from tomorrow when the television advert runs he will be seen nationally talking about how wonderful it is to explore our own country, so it would be nice if he could recommend just one place in his own county. I only need a name, I’ll do the rest.

So if you’re feeling brave and you’re on Twitter perhaps you would like to give him a nudge too. His county needs him!

Incidentally, in the advert Fry is filmed on location in London. Shame, he was that close to being an ‘anywhere ambassador’. Julie, you’re in though, you lucky lass!








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