(Sir) Stephen Fry Comes Good!

Norfolk Makes the List Thanks to Stephen Fry

When you get a phone call in the early hours of the morning you usually worry something is wrong, not right. Well I would have done if I had actually heard the call and not been sound asleep dreaming up places to write about. So what a nice surprise it was this morning to listen to a nightowl  telling me Stephen Fry had suggested somewhere for anywherebutlondon after all.

Sir Stephen, as I will now call him, tweeted his reply in response to my call to come to the aid of his county. So I’ve rescinded last night’s rather premature proclamation that he wouldn’t make an anywhere ambassador and let him join Julie in the green room.

Recommendations are always welcome and his suggestion of Burnham had in fact been made to me in a pub a few weeks before. I will be letting that person know they have the endorsement of Sir Stephen.

So if you know of any other famous friends we could encourage to join Julie and Mr Fry on the roll call I’d be happy to hear from them…and if they could add a kiss after their suggestion too it would be nice, Sir Stephen has raised the bar in that respect.

2 thoughts on “(Sir) Stephen Fry Comes Good!

  1. I just adore Sir Stephen. He makes me wish I was a man and could skip off into the sunset with him XX (not just one, but TWO capital kisses!)

  2. I shall certainly try his suggestion and make a slow romantic drive through next weekend. Thankyou Stephen!

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