From Fumbling to Flying

Dorset's first shortlist entry

From a nervous nudge out into the world from Whitby to a more sure of our step entry from Lavenham today, the last three weeks, (which is marked tomorrow) have been an amazing journey geographically, but also emotionally.

The interest has been worldwide (I was expecting to bully family and friends into reading it) and the feedback – bar a few comments from the capital – has been wholeheartedly encouraging. For those followers with friends who still don’t understand, I’d recommend reading the culture vulture interview from last week, the reach as a result of that article has been really great.

We are only three weeks into the journey and there is a long, long way to go. I stop myself from counting the weeks and months and don’t allow myself to think too deeply about the fact that the three digit number I type means another three digits of daily posts.

I prefer instead to think about it as posting some daily daydreams and we all need those, so no matter how tired I am (insomniac 18 month olds can be fairly draining) or how busy life gets, I promise I WILL continue to provide a post, every day, until the Opening Ceremony of the Olympic Games.

At that point I think me, and the rest of the people behind the scenes at anywherebutlondon, will sink into our seats, open a beer and contemplate a day off…we’ll have plenty of ideas for places to spend it!

My personal favourites so far…I really like Bodiam’s testoterone and the lycra-clad runners plodding down the Chichester Canal oh, and the reaction to Spurn Point a place not many outside of Yorkshire know about, just proving anywherebutlondon is educational as well as, hopefully, inspirational.

So thanks again, keep telling your friends, keep spreading the word and keep following too, at this rate we could sneak up on the outside of the Olympics and give them a right shock!

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