Welcome to the Land Down Under

Sunny Sydney joins the party

One of the great things about writing a blog like this is the feedback you receive from people, it’s up there with coming up with the words and putting them together with the photos and seeing it all go live.

There’s not much to better that feeling, but one of the brilliant things about writing a blog, once the post has been published, is seeing the stats. Behind the scenes of anywherebutlondon I can see which countries are logging on. It’s not big brother. Don’t worry. I can’t see who is logging on, when and or for how long but I can see how often each country takes the time to have a peak.

Australia rather brilliantly is right up at the top of the list for repeat readers, so when I got this photo through today – thanks Lindsey for putting your work to one side to dash over to Mrs Macquaries Point to send me this shot – it was perfect timing for today’s additional post.

Over the weekend, the United States and Singapore managed to out read the UK – if you’re reading this in either of those countries HUGE THANKS – and Australia wasn’t far behind.

So thanks to all those international followers, you might not think too much about logging on, having a read and then getting on with the rest of your day but it makes a huge difference to me.

So this one is dedicated to all those wonderful people who live in other countries around the world who appreciate the site too. Thanks, the next beer is raising a toast to you.


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