Did the Beckhams read anywherebutlondon?!

England's finest about to get a recall?

Do the Beckhams read anywherebutlondon.com? Are they about to join Stephen Fry in recommending a place to visit?

I would love to think so, the chances of it happening are probably slimmer than David returning as England captain for the Euros, but…but...the anecdotal evidence TODAY suggests that David and Victoria might have read anywherebutlondon, before going to bed.

A tweet was sent to Victoria at 6.23am UK time, 10.23pm Los Angeles time, asking for her help in recommending a place to visit. At that time in the morning even the UK isn’t awake and reading the blog so there were no readers in the world.

20 minutes later the blog got its first stat of the day. The first pulse on the reader radar showed up, but it didn’t come from commuters making their way to work in the UK. Intriguingly, it was from the US.

Could that have been the moment the Beckhams, with the kids in bed, laid back and logged on to read anywherebutlondon?

Victoria? If that was you, tell David he can recommend a place too. Harry Redknapp might not give him a recall this summer but my England team needs him and so does his county.

Becks is always welcome in my England team

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