A Right Royal Ambassador

One is glad to be out of London. Can you tell?

She came, she smiled, she waved.

She handed out some money and toured the city and in that instant became the most high profile anywhere ambassador, sorry Sir Stephen, on the planet.

Today, HM The Queen decided to get out of London and start her Easter holidays in York and what happens? The rain stops and the sun shines. Proof in part that the monarchy might also have meteorological powers too.

At the beginning of the first big holiday of the year lots of people will be joining HM in thinking about where to spend the Bank Holiday. Hopefully, the last 37 days of suggestions will have helped make that decision a little easier. Me? I’m going to spend some of that time trying to source some special places for that wonderfully British pastime, a pint in a pub.

(Some) London pubs are great, if only for their history, but England is blessed with beautiful boozers and I’m hoping to do some practical as well as professional research in that direction. With the aim, of course, of sharing them with everyone in the course of the next few months.

I’m still on a quest to find a perfect pub, on a picture postcard village green in front of a cricket pitch, so I can while away a day in their company. Suggestions for this Holy Grail (or Holy Ale) are welcome, although I’m not sure it exists. Usually one of those three ingredients doesn’t come up to scratch and believe me, I’ve been looking for years.

So if you have a spare moment in between Easter eggs and mild overindulgence please send me your suggestions for perfect pubs and the Holy Ale and I’ll do my best to research/sample them.

In the meantime. Here’s to the holiday and to HM The Queen for being such a sport. It’s amazing what one can fit under a hat these days.


email Perfect Pub suggestions/Holy Ale to anywherebutlondon@gmail.com


2 thoughts on “A Right Royal Ambassador

  1. The first Perfect Pub/Holy Ale suggestion is in:

    The Cricket Inn, Totley. Comes complete with cricket pitch and food served with beer designed to complement the dishes. Love the sound of it already. Need to do some practical research!

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