Closing in on 100 days to go

Photo (c) Carl Jones

Wednesday will mark 100 days to go to the opening of the Olympic Games, a day which will be marked with a series of high profile public appearances and announcements of Britain being ready to welcome to world.

Slightly off the radar, I will be quietly celebrating 50 days of posts and just 100 more to go before the Olympic challenge comes to an end. To celebrate I wondered if I could ask your help…

On the day the publicity machine for London cranks up a notch or three I wondered if we might help widen the appeal of the Games by using that day’s post – already written and waiting – as our own publicity poster to everywhere else brilliant in England.

If you like reading the suggestions and have enjoyed the collection of 32 words put together so far, then I wondered if you might join me in sharing Wednesday’s 50th post with a friend or two – either via Facebook, Twitter or even show them the screen on your phone or computer – just so Wednesday doesn’t pass with a bit of balance.

The Olympics will be great, I can’t wait and by all means let’s get ready to welcome the world but world, if you’re listening, there’s so much more to see in England than London.

By sharing Wednesday’s post I hope, with your help, to point them in the right direction.

2 thoughts on “Closing in on 100 days to go

    1. Thanks Cin, really appreciate the feedback. If any of your family or friends like a teabreak in England feel free to pass the blog on!

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