Tell a friend Wednesday awaits

Photo (c) Mike Rolls

In less than 12 hours the fanfares will be sounded across the country marking 100 days to go to the Olympics.

The crescendo of coverage will rise with the sun covering everything from national radio and television, to newspapers, Twitter and our tea-time conversations. Battle lines will be drawn between those in favour of the Olympics and those against, those who think it’s a waste of money and those who lean heavily on the word legacy. Personally, that’s all a bit of a sideshow. The Olympics are coming regardless. They are not going to be cancelled due to divided public opinion, which leaves two options: rejoice or resist.

My aim tomorrow, with your help, is to spread word to the world about the country London lives in. England. There will be a lot of noise about London tomorrow and I just want to widen the lens a bit, let everyone take a step back and see what else might inspire them.

I will be sharing tomorrow’s post with a couple of friends who I know have not logged onto before and I’m hoping they in turn might put that post in front of a couple of their friends.

All I ask is, if you have enjoyed the past 49 days’ posts, you might join me and my friends in doing the same with you and your friends. My facebook followers will see tomorrow’s post earlier than expected. The blog’s twitter followers too and I’m even daring to tell a few neighbours (lucky them).

It would be wonderful if you could join me and repost tomorrow’s blog to some of your friends too and show them that while the Games might be great, we think England might be greater.

Thanks in advance.


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