Old Flame on its Way


This week the Olympic flame starts its journey from Greece to England. So this is it then, the Greek Games are about go British.

The eyes of the world are starting to catch sight of the Games in their periphial vision whereas this, the official unofficial blog of the Games, has had it in its sight since February. By the weekend we will have tipped the halfway point in the blog too.


So while the old flame prepares to come back into our lives, consider this your VIP pass to access all areas ignored by the London Games. I will, with your help, continue to redress the balance a bit and make sure its the places that get the publicity not just the parade passing through.

I’ve loved every day I’ve been writing this blog, sometimes time has been against me but I’ve always managed to find a place to showcase even if it pops online a little late at night! Your support and comments have been amazing and I’m sure as we turn for home there will be more moments of self doubt and occasions when I wobble off course when I’ll need them more than ever.

Hopefully though, they will be few and far between and we’ll power home, not plod. Thats the plan anyway…

2 thoughts on “Old Flame on its Way

  1. You have done an amazing job of finding places to expand our horizon … I really look forward to the flame visiting Shropshire. Keep inspired so you can inspire us all …

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