Toasting Myself in the Halfway House

Photo (c) Akira Asakura

The seesaw has tipped ever so slightly in my favour and it’s a huge boost to morale. Not that I had hit the wall, more that, mentally I now know, having reached halfway, I can definitely make the finish.

And what a day half way proved to be. I topped 200 likes, posted my 100th post and recorded my highest ever number of likes in one day. Every now and then the numbers can fall in your favour and today was one of those days.

Back in February I thought this day would come sooner and easier than it has done. Looking back now I think, initially, I totally underestimated what it meant to write every day. Perhaps that’s doing me a slight injustice. I think I underestimated what it meant to write everyday and make it a post I would want to read, not just words for the sake of fulfilling my daily exercise.

I don’t underestimate it anymore. At the halfway point I’m buzzing. I can’t wait to find and write about another 75 amazing places and then, when it’s all over look back and think, blimey, I did all that. That is going to be a beautiful moment.

But for now I’m toasting myself in the halfway house. The seesaw has toppled over the tipping point, I’m on the way up and its a wonderful feeling.



5 thoughts on “Toasting Myself in the Halfway House

  1. Congratulations on the halfway mark. I started following your journey when you included my photo of 131: Littlebredy, Dorset … and I have enjoyed all the new places you have posted!

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