Normal Service is Resumed…Hopefully


You know sometimes, when everything is going along smoothly, you are almost waiting for something to go wrong? Well last week it did. For the blog. Technologically speaking it crashed.

Now usually this wouldn’t have been a problem, if time wasn’t such an issue. But, given that I had set myself the challenge to write about a new place everyday, I had to juggle trying to fix something I didn’t really understand with not falling short on my daily diary entries.

If you remember televsion in the 80s then it went a little bit like that.

The signal failed, an intermission was necessary and normal service would resume just as soon as the technical fault was fixed. In essence the blog switched from digital to analogue and without wanting to annoy fans of radio, back into wireless mode fairly quickly. Leaving me more than a little concerned.

I managed to figure out some of the problem but was left with a situation where photos couldn’t upload. We tried to reboot but we simply couldn’t get a visual, so the pictures literally were in your own mind’s eyes.

I think…touch wood…the problem is now repaired. I’ve been back through and illustrated the words with some fabulous photos, as they should have been, and I hope the short intermission didn’t upset your viewing too much.

The demands of a daily blog are ever changing. Fingers crossed you didn’t switch channel or worst of all switch off. The blog is back now, normal service is, hopefully, resumed.


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