Start the HRHoliday Here

Photo (c) Kotomi Yamamura

I’ve just done a Royal recount and I think I’m right in saying that there are four places with direct Royal descendents in the blog so far.

So, if you are looking for a little HRHoliday this weekend you could choose between:

Hever Castle (number 66, in case you had forgotten)

The Long Walk at Windsor (91, for the record)

Hampton Court (93, just down the Thames from Windsor)


The Crown Inn (and follow in Will and Kate’s footsteps)

I’m sure more will have extended ties to the Royal Family but these are the ones that are easily recognisable as having blue blood.

Even though the Bank Holiday beckons I will not take time off from providing posts, I’m almost down to my last 50, which suddenly feels too few to be faced with until it was pointed out to me recently that I have been doing this every day since February. That’s closing in on four months.

Now is the time to put forward those places you think deserve a place in the final 50, its not too late, although places in the final 10 are very hard to come by and would have to be an absolute belter to warrant inclusion. No harm in pitching a favourite place in your patch though, who knows, it might just make the fabled 10!

Have a happy HRHoliday and enjoy the extended break.

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