100 not out…Howzat!

Photo (c) Leo Reynolds


As you read this I am, metaphorically speaking, lifting the lid on my helmet and raising my batting arm to the balcony to salute my century strike.

For those of you who know nothing about cricket this opening sentence will just sound odd. What it basically means is I’ve managed to reach 100 posts and I’ve not dropped a day in doing so.

It also means of course, that there are only 50 days left until the start of the Olympics. To mark the milestone I wanted to write about somewhere inspiring, somewhere that, when I’ve stood there, I’ve felt emotionally moved. It could have been a whole host of places in England, but Ribblehead came out top simply because of the sheer size of its achievement and what it means to me and, later this summer, the Olympic athletes.

It screams ‘anything is possible’ which I thought would be an appropriately upbeat thought for today and the 49 days that lay ahead.

So I salute my team-mates on the balcony again, to all those friendly photographers, blog followers, all the people in the places I’ve visited and those faces I’ve not met but who have encouraged me along all the same, thanks. It won’t be long until I join you on the balcony for a G&T up to enjoy the show for myself.



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