International Call Ups Pending



With the Olympic flame heading south and just a month from igniting the 2012 Games I’ve been thinking lately about where might go once the 100m final is over and Rio is handed the baton.

Just looking at the international stats on the blog which – if this were the European Championships, Spain would pip Germany based on the last 30 days figures – I am amazed to see the kind of places that have logged on. The three Bs are my favourites so far, Brunei, Belarus and Bermuda and so I am thinking of opening up to international places, not just England and not just me writing them, but those people who know the places best of all. You.

So keep reading and I’ll let you know how you can get involved. If you have a special place you feel passionate about, that’s a little off the beaten track and definitely NOT London, then it could be you writing the next few chapters of anywherebutlondon.

Your international call up could be just a month away!

3 thoughts on “International Call Ups Pending

  1. I just happened upon your website and love some of your work…especially your shots of Cornwall. I am up for a challenge .

    1. I’ll let you know when the international edition begins it would be great to have your contribution(s).

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