The countdown from 10 to 1 has begun

10 days. That’s all. Just 10 more days.

I can’t quite comprehend that a week on Friday anywherebutlondon.com will be over – having served its purpose to help redress the balance a bit and hopefully acted as a little oasis of inspiration for those of us who are still trying to find the window of weather to take a holiday in England.

With nine places left to recommend I am being asked almost daily now which place gets the honour of the final slot. I am also being badgered almost daily to “make sure you include xxxxxx, you have to include xxxxxx…” That’s the beauty of a blog like this, especially one that everyone can contribute to, it creates conversation. I’m sure whatever I pick for the 001 slot will cause some people to smile and some to wince and wonder, I’m just glad that over the course of the last 140 days I’ve been able to visit and revisit some of the most beautiful places in England. The country is blessed with thousands of amazing places, that highlighting just 150 was always going to mean a “xxxxxx” somewhere was missed out. 

So this is my final disclaimer. The next nine days are some of my favourite places. Some you’ll agree with, some you won’t. If you don’t why not use it as inspiration to start your own blog – “The 150 places anywhere but london should have visited but didn’t even though we told him” is a catchy web address. More seriously though the more we can do to celebrate, enjoy and cherish England’s amazing places the better.

London is great, but England is magnificent.

5 thoughts on “10…to…one

  1. Anywhere but London has been an inspiring journey …. I am amazed that you have doggedly stuck to it & the countdown begins … well done!

  2. You are so right, London is great but England is magnificent. You have transported me to places I know and love and to others which are now on my wish list to visit.
    I have looked forward to reading your blog every day some have lifted my spirit made me laugh and others stirred my soul with with their drama.
    Looking forward to reading your favourite places. Thank you for Anywhere but London.

  3. What a shame it’s nearly over! Well done for having the energy, drive and creative wisdom to do it Andy. I would love to visit them all!

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