1: Swaledale

Photo (c) John Patrick


1: Swaledale

A tumbling beauty

of barns and riverbeds

best seen at first

and last light,


sprinkled with

dancing bright


the dry stone framed





to own.



Photo (c) flickr.com/atcimages

5 thoughts on “1: Swaledale

  1. Let me be the first to congratulate you on this fine feat! I have been totally hooked over the last 150 days by your posts and flowing words! A quality achievement in itself, you must be happy to have a little rest now! I look forward to the next episode, should there be one?

  2. Oh wow – amazing. Au revoir my new found friend – but not goodbye. This has been an amazing journey that you have taken us on and I’m sure you’ll pop up somewhere else soon. Don’t forget to let us know where. 🙂

  3. Well, it’s been good to travel aound the country, now all eyes WILL be on London! Let’s hope some people get out of the city to see what else is here. Well done!

  4. You saved the best til last! You should be so proud of what you have achieved. Your prose is second to none. Well done! Will miss this.

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