Gold’s Own County

Yorkshire: Gold’s Own County

The Games came, they made us open our eyes a little wider in wonder and they, from today, leave us a little lost, trying to fill Olympic size holes in our days and nights.

London astounded, London shone and London will never be forgotten, but there is one other part of the country that, as The Games progressed, forced its way into the national consciousness.


The success of the county’s athletes captured the imagination of the nation and meant it barged its way onto the official medal table, was name-checked by the Prime Minister in his thank you to Team GB today, was written about in the New York Times and used to bait the spectacularly underforming Australians.

So if anyone out there is thinking of a trip to the county of champions, complete with the City of Steel soon to be renamed the City of Gold, then look no further than here, 13 suggestions fit for for every Yorkshire medalist.

Just a thought…but perhaps the Australian athletes should think about booking a trip to Yorkshire before Rio 2016, they might be inspired to perform a little better!




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