The Concept

This site started as an Olympic themed challenge in 2012, to inspire people to consider stays away from the capital. Visiting London you see, is not seeing all the amazing places England has to offer.

So I used 32 words, my Olympic constraint (20+12), to showcase 150 places in the last 150 days before the London Olympic Games started. And I did it, it was amazing, I discovered some sensational stays away from the capital and Stephen Fry even recommended somewhere special too.

So four years later and with Rio about to start I thought I would revisit anywherebutlondon again, and I found a site I still loved.

So I’ve decided to begin again, this time broadening the appeal and bringing in Britain, but sticking to the London 2012 Olympic word count constraint of just 32.


6 thoughts on “The Concept

    1. Thanks Carolyn, I really appreciate the feedback. If any of your friends or family fancy a daily teabreak somewhere in England let them know they are always welcome to spend it here! Thanks again

    1. Thanks Samantha, really appreciate the feedback. If you want to recommend a place feel free, suggestions from regular readers are always welcome!

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